Endless Utilities For KOLs

By issuing NFT (Non-fungible Token), KOLs and Idols will take a huge step closer to loyal fans. In fact, NFT is trending now on all over the World.

At XCREATION, we believe NFT will soon redefine the whole Entertainment Industry from copyrights to collectibles. Not to mention the awesome revenue comes from NFT, the new concept enables KOLs to digitize their authentic products or performance, and preserve those permanently on Blockchain through IPFS protocol.

The method eliminates counterfeit products and protect the rights of creator. Specifically, each NFT is unique with an ID, and transparent as anyone can check whether it comes from the address of the right creator or not.

For instance, Logan Paul – an American Youtube sensation – earns $3.5 million USD in just one day by issuing his Pokemon NFT. In reality, this event is only the beginning of an incredible profitable long-term NFT trend.

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Yoshimoto Digital Koreka

Yoshimoto Digital Koreka Card


  • Seller: そら
  • Description: Wagyu / Kenshiro Kawanishi
  • Value: ¥1,100
  • Store ID: 60783aafe131ab79ed0610f6
  • Serial No. 0F088a/0183
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Yoshimoto Card


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Yoshimoto Digital Koreka

Yoshimoto Digital Koreka Product

Yoshimoto Artists

For the first time in the history, Yoshimoto fans can stay closely to their Idols by owning authentic NFT on Yoshimoto Digital Koreka app (iOS & Android). The app enables fans to collect both physical and digital cards at once from every purchased package on the official website.

Yoshimoto NFT

In fact, collectibles now become way more interesting with Yoshimoto Digital Koreka. The new technology applied on Yoshimoto NFT not only ensures the authenticity of purchased items, trade history, but also brings a ‘soul’ to Yoshimoto collectibles with amazing animation.

Fun . Unique . Limited

By pressing on the digital card, user can enjoy short performance, or amusing moments of Yoshimoto Artists. The digital cards will last forever on Blockchain in the form of NFT with limited editions that marked by a unique ID and timestamp of creation.

The app also provides a community chat feature and a marketplace, where fans can interact, support idols, or trade their valuable collectibles.

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JO1 Digital Trading Card

JO1 Digital Trading Card

Authentic JO1 NFT

Awesome images of JO1 Idols now go live and last forever on Blockchain in the NFT form thanks to ‘JO1 Digital Trading Card’ (iOS & Android). On the other hand, the app lets fans capture the latest and limited JO1 collections as authentic digital collectibles.

Capture The Moment

JO1 Digital Cards are not plain cards with no ‘soul’, but contain cool and amusing moments of JO1 Idols. Card owners have full access to those prestigious moments by pressing on the digital cards.

Priceless Collectibles

With the power of NFT, each collection is unique and limited. Each card comes with a unique ID and timestamp of creation. Especially, user can check whether the creator is the right one. Hence, JO1 NFT is impossible to be replicated.

Cool Features

The app comes with a built-in chat feature and a marketplace, where fans can reach out to JO1 members, support each member, and trade valuable JO1 digital cards.
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Digital Card 1

1. Scan A QR Code

Scan the QR Code on a physical card, or a coupon with Yoshimoto Digital Koreka, or JO1 Digital Trading Card.
Digital Card 2

2. Get The Digital Card

Once scanned, a digital card (NFT) will appear within Yoshimoto Digital Koreka, or JO1 Digital Trading Card.
Digital Card 3

3. Press On The Card

Pressing the card will reveal amusing moments, or a short performance of the Idol on the card.


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Yoshimoto Digital Koreka

Yoshimoto Support Site
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JO1 Digital Trading Card

JO1 Support Site


Our Vision

XCREATION aims to be one of the pioneers in applying Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to commercial uses. We believe technology will alter our current perception in the next 05 years.

It all started with Internet of Things (IoT), in which data is processed in a virtual World and applied in the real World. Specifically, what happens in the virtual World will also come to the real World.

Our commands will be processed by AI, stored on Blockchain, and actually initiated in this real World sooner than anyone can imagine.

Our Expertise

XCREATION is specialized in Blockchain and AI, include but not limited to App, Web, or Software. Our company gathers top experts from all over the World with years of experience in the relevant fields that would optimize any given projects excellently.


Planning and Executing Blockchain-based projects on any given Blockchain or Platform with customized features.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Develop, optimize, and educate AI in accordance to given requirements, or requested fields.

E2ES Consulting

Provide E2ES (end-to-end) Solutions and Professional Consulting with high-end architecture for complex infrastructure as IoT (Internet of Things) projects.
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  • Japanese Name: Xクリエーション株式会社
  • English Name: XCREATION Co., Ltd.
  • Homachi office: 〒101-0051 東京都千代田区神田神保町1-18-1千石屋ビル2F

  • Shibuya Office: 〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1-7-8 Laugh Out

  • Sector of Operation: Technology Consulting and Planning, Blockchain and AI product development, include but not limited to software, website, mobile app, etc.
  • Representative: Mr. Masahiro Kawakami (Representative Director/CEO)
  • Trading Partner: Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Major Bank: Resona Bank & Saikyo Shinkin Bank


XCREATION is open for any Proposals and Partnerships
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